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Logistics solutions for engines

We offer our clients using integrating logistics services managed by knowledge of various engine types and sizes enables us to identify and work with the characteristics of every type of engine transportation.
We provide affordable logistics solutions and delivery options regardless of, if you are shipping the stand or engine with yours or rented stand from
The result is safe and secure transportation of the aircraft engine with minimal loading time and maximum attention to detail.
Our high quality service starts with the processing of an inquiry which is fully assessed and all technical aspects reviewed through to the completion of the project.
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Why choose



Part of Avia Solutions Group

We come from one of the largest aerospace business groups in Europe. This experience is applied for making sure you can conveniently rent engine stands.



Made by leading certified manufacturer

We make sure our stands comply with all safety requirements and pass regular quality checkups.


Fast Delivery

Ready to ship in 24 hours for AOG situations.

Working in partnership with DHL we can deliver the stands no matter where you need. We make sure to send the stand from the location which is closest to you, thus saving time and money.



Clever way of renting stands. Pay only for time you need the stand.

You won’t need to pay for 30 days of lease if what you need is a much shorter period. The ordering and delivery conditions are also designed for extra efficiency.