Aircraft Engine Stands at Hand


Simple delivery of engine stands



Select which engine stand you need. Let us know where you need it, when and for how long

Stands available

We currently offer the most popular aircraft engine stands CFM56-5A/B and CFM56-7 and additional models are coming soon.

Lease options

When filling request form, enter the exact dates of when you plan to use the stand and where it should be delivered. This way we will be able to quickly calculate the total cost of your order and prepare for fulfilling it.


Confirm the order

We will get back to you within 12 hours and discuss all the details of your order

Extra efficiency

If there’s a way to add efficiency to your order, we will propose it to you. After discussing order conditions and double checking details, you can confirm the order and proceed with payment.

Secure transactions

We ensure guarantees, clear rules and transparent procedures to eliminate any financial risks for you.


Receive the stand

You can use your own transportation service or take advantage of our partnership with DHL or other well-known logistics companies.


We provide a fast, convenient and cost-efficient shipping which is possible thanks to our partnership with DHL.


We will take care of taking back the stand after you don’t use it anymore. We don’t have any fixed terms for lease.

Customs declarations

If you need customs clearance, we can take care of export declaration and other formalities.