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Aircraft Engine Stands at Hand


Benefits come with trust

Leasing aircraft engine stands would be easy without shipping matters. Logistics are expensive, complicated and sometimes slower than you need them to be. We recommend our clients using integrating shipping services managed by us and delivered by our partner DHL. By providing a full service we control its quality and can provide you with attractive conditions. It also means that you don’t need to worry about the details, the stands will come to you when you need it and will leave after you don’t need them anymore almost unnoticed.


All of our engine stands are insured so if anything happens while they are on their way, the losses will be covered. Our Group’s company Locatory.com provides insurance management expertise unique in the industry, with the commitment and skills that come from a diverse client list.

Accelerated delivery

We aim for our aircraft engine stands to reach you as fast as they can and the whole shipping process is built around it. We are ready to send out the stand in 24 hours after receiving your confirmation. Every time a stand is selected from location which is the closest to you to save both time and money.

Globally trusted delivery services

Partnership with DHL

Our long-lasting partnership with DHL helps to ensure safe and fast delivery of our equipment for a competitive price. The global reach of DHL means we have no limitations on reaching where you are and in case of any delivery issues, there are representatives around the world to take care of quick resolution.

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Why choose EngineStands.com?


Part of Avia Solutions Group

We come from one of the largest aerospace business groups in Europe. This experience is applied for making sure you can conveniently rent engine stands.


Made by leading certified manufacturer

We make sure our stands comply with all safety requirements and pass regular quality checkups.

Fast Delivery

Ready to ship in 24 hours for AOG situations.

Working in partnership with DHL we can deliver the stands no matter where you need. We make sure to send the stand from the location which is closest to you, thus saving time and money.


Clever way of renting stands. Pay only for time you need the stand.

You won’t need to pay for 30 days of lease if what you need is a much shorter period. The ordering and delivery conditions are also designed for extra efficiency.