Aircraft Engine Stands at Hand



Rapid expansion on $10 million engine stands leasing investment

Following the realization of a gap in the market, in September, 2019 announced their 10 million USD investment plan...

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Safe aircraft engine’s transportation: why does the stand matter?

Though engine stands are mostly associated with maintenance - why else would you have it off the aircraft - it’s...

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Top reasons for taking aircraft engine on a stand

Maintaining aircraft engines takes various scheduled shop visits, depending on how long it is in operation. They prevent the majority...

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CFM56 engines don’t stay on their stands for too long

Though newer engine models as LEAP are already entering the market, the old-timers like CFM56 are keeping their strong positions...

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Increase your efficiency by leasing engine stands

The days of owning everything in your hangar are long gone. Looking for efficiencies and focusing on doing one job...

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17.09.2019 will invest $10M to engine stands leasing business, an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, a part of Avia Solutions Group, has announced about...

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