Aircraft tooling rent – the new trend in aviation?

Release date: 2020 November 5

In recent years the aviation market has shifted significantly. If previously buying a tool for one-time use was reasonable, now aircraft tooling rent has become a more favorable option among MROs. With such trends in the industry new services began emerging to support the ever-growing demand for rent of aircraft tools.

Due to requests from clients presented the service where a customer is able to rent out aircraft tools ranging from torque sets up to engine stands and cradles. Regardless of the current crisis still shaking up the industry, the company has continued to witness a steady growth in tools rent business. As a result, the company proceeded with further plans of expanding tools inventory available to the clients.

Since some tools require special storing conditions or are not required in daily operations, maintenance providers may be reluctant to invest into such equipment in order to expand service portfolios. From customer feedback has identified such tools and has begun providing aircraft tooling rent services for this kind of equipment. The solution has proven to be cost-effective to even smallest players of the industry. As the company is focusing on expansion of its tools inventory, any equipment needed which is not in possession of can be evaluated, bought and rented out to customer.

As the growth in this business sector is continuing, a new more sustainable trend in aviation can be seen. If previously rent was not a popular option, the new normal in aviation is beginning to shift old norms, replacing them with aims of efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

About Engine Stands: Engine Stands provide an aircraft engine stand and aircraft tools leasing service for Airlines, MROs, engine repair shops, leasing companies, freight forwarders and other customers around the world. All engine stands are checked according to the highest standards and quality requirements. Stands are built according to OEM specifications and fully approved by the Engine OEM. In addition, we offer worldwide shipping services for all leasing orders. We aim to provide engine stands and tools to our clients as quickly as possible and in this way contribute to the client’s project success. Engine Stands is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe with 83 offices and production sites providing aviation services and solutions worldwide.



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