How coronavirus brought aerospace down to earth


August has been a faster month in terms of recovery for aviation companies. Growing demand for air travel and airplane maintenance saw a positive outcome in the industry. As the need for airplane maintenance grew, engine stand market also experienced a rise and is expected to continue remain lucrative. Given that some regions of the world have been emerging from the COVID-19 curse sooner than others, their airlines have been more aggressive restoring planes to service. For instance, in response to rising domestic air travel numbers, Chinese airlines have put back into service 91 percent of the aircraft they sent to storage, meaning the fleet is quickly approaching pre-COVID levels.

With the slowdown of business aviation around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various companies are actively performing component checks and inspections to maintain high standards for future operations. In the month of August, main players in engine stand market boasted a strong inventory of tools, with some providers offering stands for as much as 25 aircraft types in service. Engine Transportation Stands are aircraft tools commonly used to removal, installation and transportation large heavy gasoline or diesel engines. They accepts and secures the engine and support cradle to enable mobility and satisfactory transportation by land or air.

Engine is, no doubt, one of the most crucial parts within the aircraft, therefore its maintenance is often the key priority for the airlines. Despite longer-lasting aircraft and more durable engines, airlines now spend more on maintenance than on fuel or crew. This implies this will places a high demand on MRO servicers almost overnight, as airlines insist on tight deadlines for their aircraft maintenance delivery. This is where comes as a strong market player by making sure that the operation of leasing an engine stands are trouble-free and the shipping costs and turn-around-times down. Staying ahead of the competitors, now is offering an aircraft engine removal tools leasing service as an added value of this process making it easier for its customers. Aircraft engines require delicate care, either up in the air or down on the ground during transportation, ground handling and bootstrapping.

As commented: “Our goal is to adapt to ever changing market conditions and offer our partners highest quality and quickest service possible. The extension of our services is beneficial for both and our customers. While current market is still volatile, we see a strong potential in engine stands market and continue investing to stay the leading player in the industry, The outlook is better with 2020 spending on maintenance, repair, and overhaul now expected to reach $50.3 billion.”

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