Locatory.com launches new service – aircraft engine stands leasing for MROs and airlines

Release date: 2019 August 23

Locatory.com, an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, a part of Avia Solutions Group, is continuously looking for opportunities in rapidly growing aviation market and always suggest new solutions for its clients. The company is spreading its services portfolio not just with IT solutions but also with actual physical additions that would improve the work for MROs and airlines. Now, Locatory.com introduces their new service – aircraft engine stands leasing.

„We are working with spare parts marketplace for quite some time, and the need for this particular service rose automatically from our clients as we were analyzing all the data coming into our platform. Data is a powerful tool in the dynamic aviation industry, and we are always looking for a way to implement new services in open areas in the industry. Our analysts did research and pointed out some new business opportunities, which gave us an idea to work more closely on this service. We have realized that engine stands, even if extremely valuable for any MRO or airline, is quite a luxurious addition for a hangar. Thus, we decide to investigate further the issue and the market which led us to believe that this service will be highly appreciated by all our clients, old and new, saving everyone’s resources and finance,” says Dainius Meilunas, CEO at Locatory.com. The company starts its service by providing two options – stands for CFM56A/B and CFM56-7 engines. Locatory.com will offer a high-quality equipment lease for a preferred period so that the clients all around the world could productively carry out maintenance operations. The engine stands will be checked and certified according to the highest standards and quality requirements. In addition, the company will offer worldwide shipping services for all leasing orders. “The leasing service will be a straightforward process and it will serve as an alternative for buying such equipment. The client will be able to make a request, and Locatory’s staff will come to reach out immediately to learn where and when the stands have to be delivered, followed by basic agreement negotiations. Afterward – the only thing left is to choose the shipping service and voila! The shipping period of the engine stand depends solely on the urgency of the situation. Most MROs or airlines are planning their maintenance projects in advance, but sometimes there is an urgent matter and a need to have the stand as soon as possible. Our company has the solution to make it happen,” says Sigitas Vicius, Product Owner at Locatory.com. The first operations will be started in Europe and will advance soon enough as the first orders are being planned for Asia in August 2019.



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