Reliable shipping in aviation

Release date: 2019 August 23

Anyone working in the business sector understands that logistics can be just as important, if not more important than, strategies. Having the means to send or receive goods efficiently is at the foundation of any well-established business. This is especially true in the aviation industry. With tight deadlines and ever-changing needs, efficient, reliable shipping is a must for those working with aircraft.

Shipping Issues  

Hazardous goods and oversized cargo are two common concerns. With both hazardous and oversized cargo needing special care finding a shipping partner can be expensive and time-consuming. As most companies do not need to ship items in these categories often, it can be difficult to find competitive shipping rates.

Transferring payments can also quickly become difficult and tedious, especially when dealing with hazardous goods or oversized cargo. Between changing currencies and waiting for payments to arrive, buyers and sellers are often forced to waste resources. A sheer lack of shipping options also permeates through most aviation industry. A shortage of options can also force buyers to pay much higher rates. For instance, has found that some shipping services charge 4x more than competitors to transport oversized cargo. If a buyer is given only the option of a more expensive shipping service, it ties the hand of the buyer and difficult decisions have to be made.

Another issue that greatly affects the shipping process is customs clearance. Since it is often necessary to cross borders in multiple countries, the complexities associated with going through customs becomes increasingly more difficult and time-consuming for buyers and sellers. Constantly changing shipping or receiving requirements can cause deals to become complex and expensive quickly.

A New Solution

To close the gap, is now providing easy access to shipping services by allowing clients to choose from a wide range of shipping options.  The company helps take care of everything while working closely with clients throughout the process. Clients can know exactly when to expect the shipment and the cost of shipping before they purchase or lease. By handling express deliveries, hazardous or oversized cargo, and customs clearance; saves their clients valuable time and money. Along with these new solutions, the company has also simplified tedious payment processing by providing credit or deposit options to their clients.

Building Trust

To provide the best possible options for clients, combines numerous tasks into one process. By giving clients a way to do everything instantly, decisions can be made efficiently. With a few simple steps, a real-time shipping quote calculator can show accurate and competitive shipping prices for a large variety of globally-recognized shipping services. Shipping orders need only one form and are always easily changeable. After ordering, clients can track shipments in real-time to the destination, get waybills, and monitor the entire process from start to finish. Whatever a client needs regarding shipping, partnerships with international shipping leaders allow to offer competitive prices, reduce the shipping costs, and; most importantly; lessen the time spent on additional searches.



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