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Release date: 2020 October 5

With the recent increase in the need for MRO services, induced by a growing number of jets returning to service, demand for tools and engine stands has risen accordingly. As a result, is increasing its investment and adding 4 new IAE V2500 engine stands, with the addition of a new tool leasing service.

Why renting?

While buying is seen as a better long-term option, rent services are flexible and adapted to every customer for both short and long-term applications. The company’s rent solution includes a maintenance plan that allows customers to reduce and minimize the time and resources allocated to maintain tools and stand conditions.

Additionally, the engine stands and tool leasing service allows MRO organisations to constantly keep updating the equipment needed for day to day operations. With the continuous growth and expansion of, the company regularly updates its inventory and offers new and improved products under leasing services. In 2020, added 4 new stands for IAE engines.

Furthermore, the rent of equipment gives customers the ability to downscale or upscale operations quickly. With partnerships, engine stands and tools can be delivered all across the globe, enabling organisations to ramp up production capacity in a matter of hours. Whether it is a short or long-term project, the rent agreement can be adapted to ensure the best possible outcome for the client.

Moreover, purchased stands or sets of tools require special preparation and resources if not used for extended periods of time, whereas clients who are renting a stand or set of tools do not have to worry about the long-term storage of the equipment since the matter is the responsibility of the lessor, rather than lessee. As a provider with a strong backing of a global brand, is able to store tools which are not in need at the moment with the option to deliver them when requested.

Also, the leasing of equipment is a more cost-effective option when expanding the list of services provided. Companies are guaranteed to be working with the newest equipment while requiring a smaller initial investment. With rented tools, clients are able to establish multiple workshops that service different types of aircraft, which in-turn maximizes profits from their operations.

Lastly, since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, companies in the aviation industry have scrambled to adapt their business models to the “new normal”. While some larger corporations are able to use their extensive capital to invest in new equipment, smaller industry players may not be able to cope with the challenges posed by the crisis and forcing them to output additional capital to investing into their infrastructure. Thus, leased equipment can be a great solution for smaller companies who are in process of modifying their business plans during the COVID-19 crisis.

About Engine Stands:
Engine Stands provide an aircraft engine stand leasing service for Airlines, MROs, engine repair shops, leasing companies, freight forwarders and other customers around the world. All engine stands are checked according to the highest standards and quality requirements. Stands are built according to OEM specifications and fully approved by the Engine OEM. In addition, we offer worldwide shipping services for all leasing orders. We aim to provide engine stands to our clients as quickly as possible and in this way contribute to the client’s project success.

Engine Stands is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe with 83 offices and production sites providing aviation services and solutions worldwide.



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