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Release date: 2020 April 6

With more than 5200 engines required between 2019 and 2038, the market for engine stands strong.

No matter when and where, aircraft maintenance is performed 24/7 wasting no time on the ground. Research shows that between 2019 and 2022 MROs’ demand for engines will be as follows: 36% for CFM engines, 24% for GE engines, Rolls Royce with 15%, IAE with 12% and Pratt & Whitney with 7%.
The recent outbreak of COVID-19 may cut the demand for engines, as the manufacturers scale back their production. However, the transportation, maintenance and storage of engines will still be a trendy set of services required by airlines. With a projected recovery period of 3-6 months and upcoming steady economic improvement in 2021, the demand for engine stands will most definitely explode.

Why is there a growing market for engine stands?

While many associate engine stands with aircraft maintenance, they have a more comprehensive means of use. As we have already covered high quality, certified engine stands are a crucial part during the transportation of an engine. Not only for that, but engine stands are also a critical component when considering the storage of engine. While storing an engine is far less dangerous than transporting, a proper stand is required to ensure safe and hazardless storage of an engine.
The forecast for MRO market and a wide choice of engine stand uses outlines a strong demand for engine stand leasing industry in the upcoming years. Aircraft types like Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 continues to grow in the global aviation market. With that, the increased number of the aforementioned jets, the demand for engine stands required to transport or perform engine repair and overhaul successfully is only to become bigger and bigger.

We, at Enginestands.com are ready to provide you with certified, high-quality engine stands all around the globe in the fastest possible way. Our portfolio includes stands for CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-7, Trent-700, V2500, and PW4000.



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